Do I have to be a Sports Person to book with CDF Sports Therapy?

No! We provide a service for the general public aswell as the sporting population

How much room is needed for CDF Sports Therapy to set up?

Ideally for sports massage enough space to set up a treatment couch, and somewhere where oils/wax can be close to hand.
For Injury Diagnosis we ask that there is enough room for you to walk up & down in and to generally move about in.
For event work, we ask that there is a undercover area to set everything up in. This is so our equipment can be kept as dry as possible whilst pitchside work can be carried out.

What should I expect for my first session?

All sessions start with a chat about you and your condition, after this a consent form if filled out which allows for us to treat you. After that for injury diagnosis an objective history will be taken, after which the findings will be discussed with yourself and what treatment should be carried out. For sports massage the treatment shall be carried out.

If you wish to have a more in depth discussion about the findings or planned treatment, then this is fine. Your comfort and happiness is paramount to your recovery.

What should I wear during a session?

During a session it is requested that you wear non restrictive clothing that allows for the are to be treated/examined to be seen. For that reason compression tops and bottoms are not recommended, at all times towels are used to maintain your modesty and if you wish, you may provide your own towels to use.

Can I ask for alterations in the treatment method?

Of course you can the treatment can be customised ,within reason, to suit your needs and demands

How much do you charge for a treatment?

Full details can be found here

Can CDF Sports Therapy cover my/our event?

Possibly, it is impossible to say without knowing more, so please use the information or the form on the contact us page to get in touch with more details.

I have a question that isn’t covered here, could you answer it?

Yes use the details on the contact us page to get in touch

Are you a member of any professional associations?

Yes, Chris is a fully insured member of the Sports Therapy Association (STA). This can be seen by the initials MSTA after his name, as such this means he complies with strict standards of professionalism and adheres to the code of conduct. More details on the STA can be found by visiting their website here.