William Bryan Moore

I am a forty year old unfit, week-end warrior (rugby player). I have never been that bothered about listening to medical advice. Following this injury – A ruptured achilles tendon – which is easily the worst leg injury a sportsperson can have, I finally decided to do things properly…Chris Farrington has been a god send! He has put a lot of work into the rehab of this old man’s leg and taken a shed-load of abuse and general bullying regarding his reluctance to allow me to do things that were too silly. His patience and understanding have been far beyond what I expected from anyone in the medical / therapy profession. He has had to reign-in an incredibly stubborn, mostly stupid patient and insisted that I followed the strict programme he compiled in the attempt to do what everybody thought would be impossible…I can now thank him for the results…Played a full 80minutes of rugby union (as a scrum half) without any pain in the achilles _ everywhere else is sore, a few areas of boot rash (rake marks from studs)…but a very happy old man! Thanks Chris! – I really owe you

– William Bryan Moore