Mileage Changes


Due to costs and wanting to make it fair to everyone please note of the following mileage changes;

1) The distance for appointment will now be worked out via a route planner set to find the shortest route.

2) The mileage limit before charges will now be 7 miles instead of 10. (This allows me to work primarily within the black country area and to also keep travel times down)

3) There will be an additional mileage charge of 50 pence per mile over the 7 mile limit, part miles will be judged on a case by case basis . (This in my opinion is fairer than the block system used before and also is an agreeable rate)

The actual pricing for appointments has not changed in any way. This notice can also be found on my twitter feed and also the website.

Please note these changes will not take effect until the 13th of July 2015 and I will be providing a reminder as this date approaches.